L'INCARNATION | Eau de Parfum - Carnation, Musk, Honeysuckle

The unctuous scent of spirit made flesh, L’Incarnation crowns the glory of the divine in the material with garlands of carnations and roses.

From the Latin caro ("flesh") and incarnatio (in reference to God made flesh), or Corona — wreath, garland, or crown. Notes of spicy carnation and rose over soft flesh, L'Incarnation is a vintage floral with a carnal twist. 

Featured notes: pink pepper · yuzu · carnation · rose · honeysuckle · clove · vanilla 

Aspects: a beguiling spiced floral with a bright clove pink opening and a musky, almost powdered dry-down

Ingredients: pure alcohol, botanical extracts, and an essential oil blend

Presented in a 30 ml black glass bottle with a spray top or 8 ml clear glass bottle with spray top. 


  • $120.00