• OCEAN BATHING | Ritual Bath Salts - SAMPLE

OCEAN BATHING | Ritual Bath Salts - SAMPLE

A sample of our Lunar Bathing Elemental Ritual Bath Salts.

A luxuriant, clarifying bath soak that evokes the gently lapping waves of a tranquil sea, Ocean Bathing mixes the sharp freshness of rosemary with the muted softness of sandalwood to slowly coax you into an oneiric state of relaxation.

Element: Water
Featured Notes: cypress, rosemary, sandalwood.
Aspects: fresh, woody, oceanic.
The Ritual: add a handful or about one cup to the bath just prior to entering the tub or while already inside. If you do not wish to have plant materials loose in your tub, you may use the baths salts in a muslin, silk, or tea bag. No tub? Try using the bath salts for a luxurious foot soak
Ingredients: dead sea salt, dendritic salt, black salt, French grey sea salt, dried seaweed blend, and an essential oil blend. 

Comes in a black resealable pouch.

4 oz - good for 1 or 2 baths. 


  • $8.00