• Rose de Babylone - parfum extrait - LIMITED EDITION

Rose de Babylone - parfum extrait - LIMITED EDITION

Rose de Babylone - parfum extrait

A rose from ancient Babylonia, the land between two rivers.
The climate in Ancient Babylonia was hot and dry, but once a year the Babylonian rain and the melting of snow in the nearby Mountains caused the Tigris and Euphrates rivers to overflow and flood the region.
This abundance of water enabled Babylonians in ancient times to produce abundant crops including roses and many fragrant botanicals.

The Babylonian empire was the main source of these fragrant botanicals in ancient times. Babylonians themselves consumed vast quantities of such scents as rose, frankincense, myrtle, aromatic woods and spices. While in Egypt mainly the wealthy enjoyed perfumes, Babylonian law compelled all citizens to douse themselves with fragrance, most likely to subdue foul odours and repel disease. During festivities Babylonians burned immense amounts of aromatic plants and anointed their entire bodies with perfume.
Rose de Babylone, a limited edition scent from the Cabinet of Scents, embodies this ancient rose and the rains on Babylon. Comprised of pure rose absolute and rose essential oils, Omani Frankincense, an attar of oud, white camphor, black pepper, saffron, and clove spices with a botanically composed rain accord.

8ml in a mini clear glass spray bottle with a handmade label.