• Cabinet Cards - Perfumery Raw Material Info Cards

Cabinet Cards - Perfumery Raw Material Info Cards

A limited-edition set of 12 cards from our Cabinet of Scents project (2019-2020).

The front side of each card features an antique illustration of the highlighted perfumery raw material or ingredient. The back contains information on their location, history, scent characteristics, use in perfumery, traditional medicinal uses, and magical properties of the plant. These extraordinary and precious materials can all be found in LVNEA's scents, serums and salts, and the cards from this project act as a beautiful reference tool for them, as well as little works of art.

Perfumery Raw Material Featured: rose absolute, jasmine absolute, black tea absolute, pine absolute, oakwood absolute, oakmoss absolute, tobacco absolute, galbanum essential oil, patchouli essential oil, tonka bean absolute, violet leaf absolute, black pepper essential oil. 

Each card is 4 x 6 inches on thick card stock with gold foil. 

  • $60.00