• Summer Solstice Limited Edition Seasonal Box
  • Summer Solstice Limited Edition Seasonal Box

Summer Solstice Limited Edition Seasonal Box



A limited edition summer box filled with seasonal offerings and sensuous scents to celebrate the Summer Solstice -- the longest day of the year. The sun is at the peak of its life-giving power and the earth is in full bloom; we take the time to celebrate what is bountiful before the nights start to lengthen.




Lilas eau de toilette - Lilac perfume water

The elusive lilac scent is one that is incredibly difficult to capture in perfumery especially that of the natural origin. The petals are simply too delicate to distill and tincturing and enfleurage techniques are too labor-intensive to produce on a large scale. On top of all that the resulting scent simply will not last long on the skin. However, the challenges of capturing the lilac scent make it all the more appealing and the result that much more beautiful. To begin the process, I first created a lilac tincture of the blossom petals making sure not to include any part of the stem as this would spoil the end result. I then filtered the concoction and replenished the blossoms every few days for a couple of weeks until a noticeable scent was present. I then carefully enhanced the tincture with other precious floral extractions, a delicate base accord making sure to not overpower the lilac scent and floral hydrosols. The resulting scent is in my opinion on par with the true scent of blossoming lilacs. The scent will not last as long as most perfumes, just like the fleeting lilac season, making them all the more special. 

25ml of perfume presented in a 50ml black glass bottle with an atomizer. 


Midsummer Hair Powder - with nettles, violets, and iris root.

A seasonal herbal hair powder to freshen soiled locks. Freshly powdered locally foraged nettles, violet leaf, and iris root mix with silky rice powder and arrowroot. Lightly scented with nettle absolute, clary sage, violet leaf, and frankincense.  Available in a light or dark version. The darker version is the same formula with added organic raw cacao that lends to the appearance and scent of this formula. 

Apply to the roots of the hair and work down as needed with a makeup brush.

Presented in a 100ml black glass jar. 


Rêves d'Armoise - Mugwort Perfume Oil

A very special mugwort distillation supported by notes of immortelle, hay, and lavender absolute. Sunny, herbaceous, warm, and somewhat animalic. 

Mugwort is regarded as a plant with protective powers and is planted in witch's gardens to guard them. 

A garland or girdle of mugwort can be worn while dancing around the midsummer balefire and thrown into the fire at the end of the night to ensure protection throughout the year.

This herbaceous summer scent can be worn as a protective oil or used as an aid in divination or astral projection.

Presented in a 10ml black glass bottle with a crystal roller top.  


Violet Leaf handmade cold-process soap

Violet leaf and hawthorn leaf infused hemp oil, organic olive oil, and babassu oil make for a luxurious botanical soap bar. Scented with violet leaf extract and rosewood leaf oil and topped with violet leaves, fleur de sel, and freshly picked violet blossoms. 

5oz bar. 


Litha - Mugwort, Myrrh, and Jasmine botanical incense cones

Blackened incense cones made with mugwort, myrrh, and jasmine extract. The perfect calming or meditative blend for winding down after long summer days. 

10 cones in a reusable hand-formed paper triangle box.  


These products are made with a portion of seasonal foraged local ingredients and are therefore limited edition. They come nestled in a reusable gift box. 

Natural - Botanical - Hand Made