• CHORUS APHRODISIA ❦ Limited Edition Amatory Box
  • CHORUS APHRODISIA ❦ Limited Edition Amatory Box
  • CHORUS APHRODISIA ❦ Limited Edition Amatory Box
  • CHORUS APHRODISIA ❦ Limited Edition Amatory Box

CHORUS APHRODISIA ❦ Limited Edition Amatory Box

Warm your heart and stimulate your senses with this indulgent box of aromatic delights. An offering to the ancient Greco-Roman gods and goddesses of pleasure and desire, each formula calls on the intoxicating properties of powerful aphrodisiac plants to entice and enrapture, gorging with an abundance of golden resins, flowers, herb, and spices. 


CHORUS APHRODISIA ❦ parfum extrait 

The Greeks referred to plants that stirred desire and enhanced attraction as Chorus aphrodisia, or 'the chorus of Aphrodite's plants'. Known to the Romans as agents of Venus, these plants were mystical gifts from the Great Goddess herself, capable of stimulating the senses and heightening the human experience of love and desire with an intensity that could match that of the Gods'. 

A deeply resinous base accord made with handmade tinctures of myrrh, ambrette seed, bourbon vanilla beans, and benzoin. A rich and slightly sweet dark cocoa absolute is balanced with notes of wood and sultry flowers with a hint of spice. 

Top Notes: blood cedar, rosewater, cardamom
Middle Notes: jasmine, cocoa
Base Notes: myrrh, benzoin, ambrette seed, bourbon vanilla, vetiver 

Presented in a 5ml amber glass bottle. 

BLOOD OF BACCHUS ❦ parfum onguent - aphrodisiac balm  

Bacchus, the Roman god (Greek - Dionysus) of fruiting orchards, fertility, and wine-soaked frenzy. A known ally to Venus, Bacchus' wine, music, and ecstatic dance could free his revelers from the confines and restraints of modesty, subverting these oppressive societal restraints in favour of ritualistic indulgence, inebriation, and madness. 

Rich oils infused with vanilla bean, roses, damiana, blue lotus, cacao nibs, and a red wine extract. Scented with oils of sandalwood and cardamom, rose de mai concrete, a tuberose enfleurage, and floral waxes. 

Use this fragrant, blood-red balm as an aphrodisiac anointing balm or solid perfume, allowing for the heat of the skin to warm it and release its bewitching effects.

Ingredients: jojoba, sweet almond, macadamia nut, rosehip, and pomegranate seed oils infused with vanilla bean, roses, damiana, blue lotus, cacao nibs, alkanet root powder, and a red wine extract, oils of Australian sandalwood and cardamom, rose de mai concrete, tuberose enfleurage, rose wax, candelilla wax. 

30ml black glass pot with lid. 

HEDONE ❦ warming massage oil 

Hedone — "pleasure". Born of Eros (passion, desire, love) and Psyche (the soul), this Greek goddess personified the spirit of pleasure and the enjoyment of physical and sensual delights. Hedonism was not only important in Ancient Greek philosophy, but the idea that there may be no greater good than the pursuit of pleasure remains an important philosophical tenet today.

Pursue your own pleasure with this warming massage oil. 

Ingredients: sweet almond, apricot kernel, and sandalwood nut oil infused with Ceylon cinnamon bark & kava kava root, and essential oil blend of cocoa, cinnamon, and saffron.


VENUS EBRIA ❦ aphrodisiac incense cones

Originally a goddess of the garden, Venus was charged with overseeing matters of verdure and fertility, gifting the devoted with growth, abundance, and ripe and luxurious fruits. Steps away from her fertile garden laid the garden of pleasure, however, and as it became evident that love, desire, and pleasure would too lead to fertility and life, Venus' realm was expanded. She became known as Venus ebria, or 'the drunken Venus', and her orchard was no longer but a place of mere cultivation but also one of desire, where intoxicatingly perfumed flowers and aromatic spices were planted to inspire love, and where lovers could allow free rein to their desires.

Charcoal cones are soaked in handmade tinctures of myrrh, ambrette seed, and benzoin and perfumed with oils of saffron, styrax, rose, sandalwood, and spices. 

20 black perfumed incense cones in a matte black pyramid-shaped box. Burn on a heat-resistant surface. 

ANTHEIA ❦ heart-warming bath cube

One of three Charites, or Graces, Antheia is the goddess of flowers, vegetation, and human love and is often depicted as one of Aphrodite's attendants on ancient Athenian vases. Still a celebrated figure today, her gentle ways teach us to be kind and to cultivate docility, compassion, and trust within our hearts and communities in order to form lasting bonds with fellow humans. 

Tend to your own growth and inner harmony with this heart-opening bath cube. Made with blue lotus, rose, jasmine, and purple malva flowers and perfumed with pink grapefruit, rose, sandalwood, and tuberose oils. 

Ingredients: baking soda, citrus acid, cream of tartar, argan oil, witch hazel, hibiscus flower powder, flower petals, and an essential oil blend. 

One 80g cube. 

All products come nestled in a matte black reusable gift box with purple ribbon. 

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