• LA CHASSE-GALERIE ✶ Limited Edition Seasonal Parfum Extrait

LA CHASSE-GALERIE ✶ Limited Edition Seasonal Parfum Extrait

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LA CHASSE-GALERIE ✶ Parfum Extrait

Originating from the former province of Poitou, in France, the French-Canadian version of this classic hunter’s tale (The Wild Hunt) draws heavily on the region’s Indigenous influences. It tells of a band of trappers/loggers who, on Christmas or New Year’s Eve, yearn to return to their sweethearts’ warm bosoms, miles away — an impossible feat, or at least until The Devil gets involved.

Overhearing their pleas, the Devil promises to enchant the loggers’ canoe, granting it the power to cut through the air as deftly as it would through water and allowing the men to arrive back home in time for the night’s festivities. On their end, the loggers must abide by the following rules: not to blaspheme, and not to touch the crosses that crown church steeples for the duration of their travels. Believing they could abide by the Devil’s rules so long as they avoided inebriation, the men agreed to the pact and arrived at their destination shortly thereafter. After a night of revelry, however, the man navigating the flying canoe had succumbed to drink and consequently crashed it into a church steeple (or, in some versions, a towering pine tree) on their way back to the job site, cursing the Lord and using his name in vain as the canoe splintered, effectively condemning his and the other passengers’ souls to damnation.

Notes: fir balsam needle · gray pine · pine absolute  · moonshine · oakwood · tobacco · hellfire
Aspects: sweet · dark woods · boozy · resinous · a hint smoky

Ingredients: Alcohol (Ethanol, Pure), Glycerin, Natural Fragrance/Parfum (Essential Oils, Absolutes, CO2s, and Plant Extracts)

10ml in a black glass bottle with roll-on bead applicator


This is a SEASONAL offering made in part with locally sourced, wildcrafted ingredients and is LIMITED EDITION.