Beeswax Ritual Candles | MORTIFLEUR


Hand-rolled beeswax candles, made with love and magic in Tiohtià:ke / Montréal.

100% Canadian Natural Beeswax, subtly scented with dried herbs and essential oils to focus your intentions and call upon sacred plant spirits.

Choose between 3 different colours/intentions:

FULL MOON Ritual Candle Pair (WHITE)

Intentions: psychic powers, law of attraction, success, abundance, manifestation, divination, astral travels

Plant allies: peppermint, cedar, patchouli, mugwort

Ritual Candle Pair (NATURAL BEESWAX)
Intentions: raising the vibrations of the space, blessing the house

Plant allies: basil, elderflower, vervain, marjoram

NEW MOON Ritual Candle Pair (BLACK)
 protection, purification, rest, meditation, planting seeds, letting go, starting fresh, new beginnings

Plant allies: lavender, rosemary, mullein, bergamot

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** This product is handmade. Small imperfections and slight variations are part of the magic of natural products **

  • $22.22