• Black Lilac Enfluerage
  • Black Lilac Enfluerage

Black Lilac Enfluerage

Since lilacs are one of the first-blooming flowers they hold the energy to push through darker times. Lilacs have long been associated with vanishing negative energies and spirits, perhaps because of their strong fragrance. If you are seeking some breakthrough in your life, or the strength to push through hardship, connecting with the flower may help you.

The scent of spring flowers are difficult to capture in natural perfumery because of their short blooming time and the delicate nature of their petals. Most flowers are too delicate to use distillation to extract their scent. So traditional antique methods such as enfleurage were once employed to extract the aroma of these delicate blossoms. Nowadays this method is rarely used except by a few dedicated small-batch natural perfumers who usually also grow their own flowers as a lot of fresh blossoms are needed to make a viable perfume. 

To make an enfleurage fresh flowers are arranged on a layer of fat or an oil substance that is used to extract the fragrance (in this case we used a blend of coconut oil and coconut wax). This technique was a specialty of Grasse, France and largely responsible for the little town’s prosperity. 

The challenges of capturing the lilac scent make it all the more appealing and the result that much more beautiful. Fresh dark-purple lilac blossoms were carefully arranged on the layer of oil and wax and were replenished every two days for a couple of weeks until a noticeable scent was present. I then carefully enhanced the resulting pomade with a sultry jasmine sambac concrete and a delicate base accord made from an attar of sandalwood and oud but making sure to not overpower the lilac scent. The scent will not last as long as most perfumes, just like the fleeting lilac season, making it all the more special.

Extremely limited. 

5 g in a black glass jar with lid. 

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