• Comfrey "Knitbone" Salve | BLUEBERRYJAMS
  • Comfrey "Knitbone" Salve | BLUEBERRYJAMS

Comfrey "Knitbone" Salve | BLUEBERRYJAMS

by Blueberryjams

Ingredients: comfrey infused in olive oil, beeswax

Properties: anti-inflammatory, contains a property that encourages new cell growth & speeds healing

Some folks use it for: healing wounds & used for fractures (comfrey is also known as “Knitbone").

Caution: do not use on deep or potentially infected wounds as it will heal the surface and could potentially seal an infection.

Available in 30ml and 60ml tins.


Safety w/ herbal products

When using new herbs, verify that they are not contraindicated with any existing medical issue/medications you are taking. Start with small doses and listen to your body. The information found here is intended for educational purposes. It is not meant to replace advice from your healthcare practitioners.  

Do spot tests or patch tests when using new products and ingredients. Put a small amount on the inside of your arm and wait 5- 10 minutes, or overnight even, to see if you have any adverse reactions or allergies.

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