• Immune Heart Tincture | BLUEBERRYJAMS
  • Immune Heart Tincture | BLUEBERRYJAMS

Immune Heart Tincture | BLUEBERRYJAMS

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  • A blend of adaptogens, heart tonics, and immune boosting plants.
  • Holy Basil: calms the mind while centering and revitalizing the body. Heart tonic & Helps Digestion.
  • Ashwaganda: When used on a regular basis helps “mental acuity” and it has “a long reputation for clearing the mind, calming the nervous system, and promoting deep sleep” – Rosemary Gladstsar
  • Eleuthero: “Beneficial against effects of prolonged stress or overwork such as exhaustion, irritability,  insomnia, and mild depression” (DH)
  • Shisandra:
  • Rosehips and hibiscus are packed with vitamin C and are cardio tonics.
  • Propolis keeps the beehive healthy with its many properties including immune helping actions.

Ingredients: holy basil, eleuthero, ashwaganda, shisandra, rosehip, hibiscus, propolis, clear spirits, brandy

How some folks take it: Take 1/2 tsp daily (1ml) for around 3 weeks, then break for 1 week. Or 5 days on 2 days off.
When suspected need for immune boost, 1/2 tsp up to 3 x daily.

Safety with herbs
When using new herbs, verify that they are not counter-indicated with any existing medical issue/medications you are taking. Not appropriate for cases where there is fever, interacts with some medications processed by the liver, and may not be suited for some autoimmune diseases. Start with small doses and listen to your body.

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