• 4 ounce black resealable pouches of all 5 of LVNEA's ritual bath salts. Includes: Fire Bathing, River Bathing, Ocean Bathing, Forest Bathing, and Lunar Bathing lying flat on a black background

RITUAL BATH SALTS | Complete Sample Set

  • $44.00
Experience all five of our Elemental Ritual Bath Salts, each composed of a blend of dead sea or pink Himalayan salts, scented with potent therapeutic extracts, and adorned with precious botanicals.  

Fire Bathing | blood orange · rose · pink pepper · ginger

for warming, supporting, and energizing the body, mind, and spirit

Forest Bathing | silver fir · vetiver · black spruce · pine

for letting go of stress and connecting to the earth's rhythm

Lunar Bathing | jasmine · lavender · holy basil · milky oat tops

for moving stagnant emotions  and inviting pleasure & sensuality

Ocean Bathing | seaweed · cypress · rosemary · sandalwood

for a moment of quiet contemplation and tranquility

River Bathing | cedar · hinoki · sage · moss

to open the lungs, soothe aching muscles, and provide clarity

The Ritual: add the desired quantity of salts to a warm bath, allowing for them to gently dissolve and perfume your bath water before stepping in. If you prefer not to have loose botanical materials in your tub, our bath salt blends can be poured into a muslin, silk, or tea bag before use. No tub? Bath salts make for a luxurious foot soak.

Ingredients: please consult the above links for detailed ingredient lists.

 Each resealable pouch contains 4 oz of bath salts and is good for one to two baths.