• 2oz clear glass bottle of Rowan & Sage's "Evergreen" hydrosol. The label on the bottle is light sage green.

Evergreen Hydrosol | ROWAN + SAGE

  • $32.00


Step into the forest & breathe in the fresh scent of pine sap and evergreen needles as you spray this hydrosol mist to clear your space, as a light perfume, or for other aromatherapy purposes. This blend of copper distilled hydrosols, made with wild plants & garden-grown herbs, is a portal to the evergreen forests and rosemary + lavender-lined coastlines of the Mediterranean. Use this mist to connect you to the Earth, clear your mind, renew your space, and find your own magic.

    Ingredients: Steam distilled hydrosols of Wildcrafted Juniper (Juniperus spp.), Wildcrafted White Pine (Pinus spp.), Garden Grown Rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus), Garden Grown Lavender (Lavandula spp.)

    Suggested Use: Spray on your person as a light perfume, in your space to cleanse the air, as the liquid component of a clay face mask, in the bath, during ritual, for aromatherapy purposes, and so much more.

    2oz glass bottle with mister top