Flowers & Resins Incense Sticks | SAGRADA MADRE

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Lavender Flowers and Olibanum
Since ancient times, lavender and frankincense (olibanum) are used in rituals and ceremonies as protectors, purifiers, and neutralizers of negative energies. Lavender is believed to be able to neutralize negative energies by balancing and harmonizing spaces. Olibanum complements lavender by attracting positive energies. The sacred smoke of both fragrances makes a powerful protector and a wonderful aroma to enjoy.

Rose Petals and Olibanum
Indulge in the captivating aroma of Rose and Olibanum incense, crafted with care to evoke the essence of love and the Divine. The sweet and floral scent of rose petals combined with the earthy, resinous, and woody aroma of olibanum creates a harmonious blend that is perfect for meditation, being present in the here and now, and spiritual practices. The power of roses is nothing less than love, love fills the immensity of spaces, where there is love there is life.

White Olibanum
The soft aroma of white frankincense (olibanum) has been considered since ancient times as "the gateway to the sacred". This blend of sacred resins that is used in making this incense is said to bring purification and energetic cleansing, providing peace and serenity; an ideal companion for meditation, rituals, and ceremonies.

Sagrada Madre incense is handmade with flowers, herbs, and resins, as well as natural oils. carbon, binder, and salt. Each box contains 9 sticks that are 7" in length. 

Each stick burns for approximately 45 minutes. Place on a heat-resistant surface away from children, pets, and drafts.