Herbs & Resins Incense Sticks | SAGRADA MADRE


Copal, of Peruvian origin, is an aromatic resin from the copal tree, used by ancient Mayan and Incan cultures to purify spaces, enhance abundance and connect with Divine energies. It is known as the “Incense of the Earth” in Central and South America, with an aroma of “mixtures of wild herbs” and a touch of frankincense.

Myrrh is a resin extracted from trees grown mainly in Arabia and Ethiopia.  It has an intense, woody and rustic aroma when burned, and is used for occasions of purification, healing and the cleansing of spaces.  The smoke of myrrh is believed to offer clarity during confusion, and strength where there is negativity. 

Rue, Rosemary, & Frankincense

Rue, Rosemary and Frankincense combined, invoke the natural forces of mother earth, creating energy in its purest state. It is prepared for use in cleaning and protecting environments, attracting renewed energies of love, and bringing about emotional and spiritual balance and harmonization.

Sagrada Madre incense is handmade with herbs and resins, as well as natural oils. carbon, binder, and salt. Each box contains 8 sticks that are 9" in length. 

Each stick burns for approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Place on a heat-resistant surface away from children, pets, and drafts.