• PRE-ORDER // Amatory Limited Edition Box Set
  • PRE-ORDER // Amatory Limited Edition Box Set

PRE-ORDER // Amatory Limited Edition Box Set

This is a pre-order. The completed box will ship early February.

A special limited edition box filled with amatory perfumes and potions inspired by ancient love rituals, old lore, and vintage formulae.  


Sandalwood and Vanilla Hair Perfume

As with the use of scents on other parts of the body, hair scenting has been a common practice throughout history for a variety of reasons, both everyday and ritual. Hair has long been associated with courtship and love, and people across cultures and throughout history have been using herbs to scent their hair. In ancient times, people applied fragrant oils to their heads or wore flowers in their hair to make use of their pleasing scents.

This moisturizing hair perfume makes in easy to deliver the scents of these sacred plants directly to locks. 

Notes of vanilla, sandalwood, saffron, and jasmine enhanced with rose, rosewood, bergamot, pink grapefruit, buddha wood, and black pepper. 

Ingredients: filtered water, aloe water, pure alcohol, and a blend of pure essential oils.

Presented in a 50 ml black amethyst glass bottles with an atomizer.


Damiana, Elderberry and Vanilla Lip Balm

Damiana (Turnera diffusa) has been traditionally used as a mild aphrodisiac and euphoric stimulant by Mexican indigenous populations. In Western sex magic, it is known as the “psychic aphrodisiac.”

A bit of damiana worn on the lips will bring a sweet touch of this love magic to your next kiss. 

Ingredients: Meadowfoam seed oil infused with elderberries, jojoba oil, pomegranate seed oil, candelilla wax, rose wax, cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin e, stevia extract, rosemary extract, and an essential oil blend. 

Presented in a 5 ml black amethyst glass pot with lid.


Damiana and Rose Spell Candle 

The sweet smell of damiana, rosemary, and rose will help you envision a new love, strengthen an existing love, heal a broken heart, or simply cleanse your spirit and invite in self-love during you next ritual or bath. 

Ingredients: Soy wax, rose wax, damiana essential oil and a proprietary blend of essential oils, damiana herb and rose petals, and a cotton wick.

4 oz spell candle presented in a black amethyst glass pot with lid.


Damiana Love Potion Cordial

Rose water, glycerine, and brandy infused with damiana leaf, rose buds, raspberries, hawthorn berries, vanilla, and saffron. This heart-healing sweet syrup makes a great addition to soda water, champagne, white wine, cocktails or mocktails and will bring feelings of euphoria and peace, making way for enjoyment. 

Presented in a 2 oz clear glass apothecary bottle with a lid. 


Rose Fantôme Eau de Parfum 

Inspired by the ceramic roses of Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris.
Notes of rose, immortelle, Oakwood, moss, opoponax, cepes, and rosewood.
Reminiscent of a ghost of love once past. 

Ingredients: pure alcohol, an essential oil blend, rosewater.

Presented in a 5ml black amethyst glass bottle with crystal roller top.



BONUS - Patchouli and Saffron Hand-rolled Incense

These beautiful handmade incense cones are made from powdered herbs from our garden and combined with crushed rose and saffron. Included will be 3 hand-rolled incense cones depending on size. 



These limited edition items will only be available as a set. They come packaged in a matte black gift box with repurposed linen ribbon. Please re-use or recycle this beautiful packaging. 

Pre-orders will ship in February. If you order other products with the pre-order they will not ship until the pre-orders ship.