• A set of three boxes of LVNEA incense cones. Each contains 20 cones housed in a recyclable black paper pyramid box with a black elastic closure. The labels are black with silver lettering each respectively describing the products as follows Solstice d'hiver features vetiver, woodsmoke, silver fir, labdanum, and juniper. Lune Noire myrrh, patchouli, opoponax, cassia and ravensara. Feu de joie features of frankincense, cedarwood, yuzu, and woodsmoke.

INCENSE TRIO | Naturally Perfumed Incense Cones

  • $50.00

Naturally-perfumed black incense cones housed in a recyclable black paper pyramid. Includes three incense cone scents offered by LVNEA. 

FEU DE JOIE | frankincense · cedarwood · yuzu · woodsmoke

LUNE NOIRE | myrrh · patchouli · opoponax · cassia · ravensara

SOLSTICE D'HIVER | silver fir · vetiver · woodsmoke · juniper · labdanum

20 cones for each scent (60 total); individual cones burn for approximately 20 minutes. Do not leave burning incense unattended. Burn on a heat-resistant surface.