EAU DE LILAS | Limited Edition Eau de Toilette

Our annual, limited-edition Eau de Lilas perfume has returned.
The elusive lilac scent is one that is incredibly difficult to capture in perfumery — especially naturally. The petals are simply too delicate to distill, and tincturing and enfleurage techniques are generally too labor-intensive to produce on a larger scale. Lilac's fragility lends itself to its perfume - the resulting scent will always be more ephemeral than that of others, fading from the skin same as its blooms wane as spring leads into summer.

These same challenges of capturing the lilac scent make it all the more appealing, however - and the result that much more precious. To begin the process, we first created a lilac tincture from handpicked petals, making sure not to include any part of the stem (as this would spoil the end result). We then filtered the concoction and replenished the blossoms every few days for a couple of weeks, until a noticeable scent was present. This perfume also contains a traditional lilac enfleurage, made of a thousand blossoms and captured in a (vegetable) fat. The mixture is then carefully enhanced with other precious floral extractions, a base accord of benzoin and sandalwood, and floral hydrosols.
Notes: lilac · honey · indolic florals · benzoin 

Aspects: floral · honeyed · slightly musky 

Ingredients: lilac infused alcohol, lilac enfleurage (fresh lilacs, coconut oil and shea butter), rose water, a blend of essential oils and absolutes including jasmine, lily, mimosa, lotus, sandalwood and benzoin. 

15ml of perfume presented in a black glass bottle with atomizer.

This fragrance is comprised of local, seasonally grown blooms which were handpicked and transformed to offer you this limited-edition offering. Subtle variations from previous editions may occur, as no two seasons' flowers' scents are ever the same, making this a truly one of the kind fragrance.


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