• Front cover of Espace magazine's "Odours" issue. Pictured is a minimalist tablescape of vials and curiosities on a purple tablecloth,
  • Table of contents of Espace magazine's "Odour" issue.

"Odours" Magazine | ESPACE

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Today, artists are increasingly using odour as a medium in their work: this thematic issue brings together various processes and techniques to underline the importance of olfaction in a wide variety of traditions, disciplines and worldviews, whether it involves materials, experiential events, an extension of nature, or an affirmation of individuality as embodied memory and knowledge. The essays presented here consider the constant exploring of the sense of smell as an artistic impulse. The authors discuss experiences and forms of knowledge that are otherwise marginalized and in which fragrance becomes a vehicle for communicating a multiplicity of voices, identities and realities.  

Full colour magazine, bilingual in both English and French.