• Oh! Be Joyful | CORPUS RITUAL
  • Oh! Be Joyful | CORPUS RITUAL


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"I originally made this blend baby in spring 2018 when I was needing a heart and nervous system restorative. It’s a blend of mimosa tincture and a reishi double extraction with flower essences of datura, ghost pipe, and chicory and a stone essence of carnelian. I blended it when I was a couple months into a new relationship and was nursing old attachment wounds and loss of a previous relationship. I wanted to be more fully present to the sweetness and ease and actual joy (still a new thing for me) that was showing up in my life as well as be more present to myself as I stepped into doing even more group work with grief.

Mimosa is such a powerful guide for returning to joy and as an anchor for the heart and spirit. It’s combined with reishi, which is great as an immune booster as well as supportive of the heart, lungs, kidney, liver, and more, and energetically, supports us returning to our own spirit. I added some flower and stone essences supportive of standing at the edges of pain (ghost pipe), for underworld traveling and breaking old harmful patterns (datura), letting go of control of others and the love they can / can’t give us as we learn to give love to ourselves (chicory), and welcoming a connection to our own energy (carnelian).

It’s a sweet and strong and confident blend that helps us return to ourselves and helps us return to the light above ground. It’s also so good for these times of deep grief and revolution, for finding pockets of joy where we can so that we can feel energized to continue resisting and rebuilding."

Ingredients: tinctured mimosa & reishi double extraction with ghost pipe, datura, & chicory flower essences, carnelian stone essence, & vodka


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