PÊCHE OBSCÈNE · Chelsea Wolfe x Lvnea | Eau de Parfum

Back from the archives, our forever-enthralling perfume made in collaboration with Chelsea Wolfe. 

Fleshy, unctuous peach blends with silken jasmine into a deeply enticing and heady scent, overlaid atop a lush, earthy base of aged patchouli, vetiver, moss and wood. Fall deep under the spell of ripe fruit and its velvet ground below.

Featured notes: peach · jasmine blossoms · damp earth · vetiver · moss · sandalwood · patchouli

Aspects: floral · honeyed · indolic · earthy · damp

Ingredients: pure alcohol, an essential oil blend, natural plant extracts, and floral hydrosols. 


Comes in a beautiful black amethyst glass bottle with spray applicator, nested in a matte black gift box. 

Also available as an oil-based Parfum Botanique roll-on HERE


  • $120.00