• Rêves d'Armoise - Mugwort Perfume Oil

Rêves d'Armoise - Mugwort Perfume Oil


 Rêves d'Armoise - Mugwort Perfume Oil

A very special mugwort distillation supported by notes of immortelle, hay, and lavender absolute. Sunny, herbaceous, warm, and somewhat animalic. 

Mugwort is regarded as a plant with protective powers and is planted in witch's gardens to guard them. 

A garland or girdle of mugwort can be worn while dancing around the midsummer balefire and thrown into the fire at the end of the night to ensure protection throughout the year.

This herbaceous summer scent can be worn as a protective oil or used as an aid in divination or astral projection.

Presented in a 10ml black glass bottle with a crystal roller top.