• Strange Magic - Relaxing Diffuser Blend | INTAMO PLEASURABLES

Strange Magic - Relaxing Diffuser Blend | INTAMO PLEASURABLES


Strange Magic is a pure diffuser blend that we intentionally formulated with essential oils that promote relaxation, anti-anxiety and hormone balancing. This calming blend is the perfect recipe for a cozy night in and an essential in your self-care toolbox.

Lavender Essential Oil can naturally balance hormones and has powerful anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing properties.
Orange Essential Oil can promote secretions in the body which help regulate menstruation, lactation and hormones. It is said to be a natural mood booster wuth anti-anxiety properties.
Frankincense Essential Oil is a staple in Ayurvedic Medicine due to it’s alleged powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is used in spiritual practices to strengthen intuition and connection.
Bergamot Essential Oil is said to signal the brain to release dopamine and serotonin, offering relief from depression and anxiety.
Vetiver Essential Oil is antioxidant rich and can help relieve stress

This is a diffuser blend and should not be applied topically, internally, or ingested.


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