• The Art and Magic of Natural Perfumery

The Art and Magic of Natural Perfumery

Join us Tuesday, April 28th 5:30-8:30pm for the Art and Magic of Natural Perfumery.
In this natural perfume oil blending workshop, participants will learn the craft of blending raw botanical materials in an oil base with April Lea of Lvnea Perfume and Janine Hagal of Black Earth Botanica. With a focus on at least 20 natural raw ingredients, students will explore fragrance construction as well as the astrological correspondences and magical properties of the oils. This class is suited for all levels but having an interest in astrology or magic or being open to their teachings, as well as, natural perfume blending is recommended. The first half of the class will focus on smelling and learning about the raw materials and the second half will consist of a guided blending of the materials. Participants will leave with a basic understanding of perfume blending and construction as well as a unique vial of their own perfume creation. Each student will take home a 10ml perfume oil of their own creation.

Info for the class:
$90 per person. 15 people maximum. Class runs 5:30-8:30pm/3 hrs followed by an optional 30 minute opportunity to ask any additional questions, speak with the instructors, or shop raw perfume materials and anything else in the boutique. 

Janine Hagal is Black Earth Botanica; an esoteric online shop specializing in ritual anointing oils and other botanical creations. Her fragrances are made for every day or ceremonial use, and draw inspiration from astrology, elemental magic, and other pagan observances. She only works with all natural materials, with an emphasis on essential oils and ethically harvested plant tinctures that create an intersection of herbalism, magic and art. She currently resides in Oakland, California but was born and raised in Jersey City, NJ. 

April Lea is a perfumer and the founder of Lvnea Perfume. She creates dark, earthy, unisex liquid and solid perfumes exclusively from pure plant essences. Her fragrances combine a fascination with ancient and traditional perfumery techniques with natural history, folklore, and magic. Her perfumes can be found at our flagship store in Montreal, on her website, and in select brick and mortar stores throughout North America. 

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