• 5ml black glass bottle of LVNEA's bay laurel essential oil on black background
  • fresh bay laurel leaves scattered and taking up the entire frame

BAY LAUREL | Essential Oil

  • $14.00

Pure Laurus nobilis essential oil.

While most are familiar with bay laurel through its widespread culinary use, it also has a history steeped in symbolism. In Roman and Greek antiquity, heroes were adorned with garlands of bay leaves - this association to honour continues on linguistically to this day through the appointment of poet laureates, and baccalaureates. Old folk legends claim that placing a bay leaf in one's shoe attracts protection and prosperity. In aromatherapy bay laurel's bright aroma is used to uplift and move stagnant energy. 

ASPECTS: camphoraceous · sweet-spicy · herbaceous · fresh
APPEARANCE: clear and very mobile liquid
PLANT PART: leaves

Presented in a 5ml or 15ml black glass bottle with a euro dropper top that may have to be removed depending on the viscosity of the item selected. Please note that essential oils and absolutes vary widely in thickness and consistency.

Essential oils, absolutes, and other pure plant extracts should not be applied to the skin without being properly diluted in a cosmetic carrier (such as jojoba oil, ethanol, epsom salts, etc.) Always patch-test when using an essential oil or absolute for the first time, and research whether or not the extract you are using is skin-safe and, or that it is appropriate for its intended use. Do not ingest essential oils or apply them internally, and avoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children and pets, and consult a knowledgeable health practitioner before use when pregnant or breastfeeding. Store in a cool and dry area.