Frequently Asked Questions 

What are natural perfumes?
Natural perfume first and foremost is art to be smelled. Its raw materials are the plant essences that have been used since ancient times for pleasure, ritual, and romance. These plant essences are distilled and extracted from flowers, herbs, leaves and grasses, spices, roots, gums and balsams, wood, and citrus. They possess a compressed vitality that can potently affect our emotions and state of consciousness. They contain a vibrant spiritual energy and inherent life force obtained from the plant life they are made from.  Natural essences are the atoms of perfumery and the building blocks in which complex blends are created. With all the chemical analysis in the world and modern technology these natural substances still cannot be recreated synthetically. Only nature can create the true smell of jasmine blooming at midnight.  Natural perfume is rich with history. The earliest perfumery discovered was on the island of Cyprus and dates back over 4000 years. These perfumes were made of natural materials in a base of oil and kept in clay pots with their contents dabbed and rubbed onto the skin. Ancients saw perfume as a high art and a religious sacrament. Kyphi an ancient Egyptian incense and perfume were considered the 'sweat of the gods' and it's creation and formulation was top secret and clouded in mystery. It was only less than a mere century ago that synthetics were used in the construction of perfumes. Nowadays most perfumes are composed of 98% synthetic material and lack the rich complexity and concentrated life force found in a natural perfume.
Are your perfumes unisex?
I firmly believe that scent does not have a gender. Throughout history, a perfume was simply a perfume, not a men’s perfume or a woman’s perfume. Men doused and bathed in florals and scents that today would be considered overly feminine. Only in the 20th century did dividing perfumes into gender categories begin, and this was purely a marketing strategy. Personally, I gravitate towards so-called ‘masculine’ scents such as woods, moss, pine and forest notes. I say if you love a perfume don’t let the boundaries stop you and simply trust your nose.

How long will a natural perfume last? 
Natural perfumes evolve on the skin as they interact with the chemistry of the wearer and slowly evaporate into the air. They typically last 4-6 hours but can vary person to person. Citrus perfumes and those light by nature will evaporate faster than a heavy, base-rich perfume composed of mostly resins and woods. 
Natural perfumes will evolve over time, with each note giving way to the next; contrary to the one-note persistent synthetic based perfumes which contain chemical fixatives making the perfumes stick often for days and loudly announcing their presence.

Could you describe your Eau de Parfum, your Parfum Botaniqueand your Parfum Crème? How are they different?
The Eau de Parfums we offer are made using traditional French perfumery techniques and are composed of handmade tinctures of aromatic resins and plant extracts in a base of pure alcohol. The alcohol base allows them to be sprayed on the body liberally. They are made at a 15% dilution. 
The Parfum Botanique line is composed of oil-based roll-on perfumes that one may use to anoint themselves with. These concentrated oils are made with pure essential oils and plant extracts. They are made of a 15-20% strength. 
The Parfum Crème is an oil and wax based perfume balm. These tend to be more intimate scents that stay close to the skin. They are composed of floral waxes, plant infusions, and essential oils. They are made at a 20-25% strength. 
Sample sets of each perfume type are available so customers can explore and find their preferred scent ritual before purchasing a full-size product.

Which last longer?

The longevity of a perfume has more to do with the overall composition of the essences rather than the carrier in which the blend is contained. As previously stated, lighter more volatile oils (such as citrus and needle oils) will evaporate faster contrary to the heavier resin, root, and wood-based essences which can often last all day.

How do I store my perfume?
The special black amethyst glass we use will protect and extend the life of our perfumes making them last for years. However, perfumes should still be kept away from direct heat or light and you should avoid subjecting them to drastic changes in temperature. Eau de parfum should be stored with the cap on tight when not in use so as to avoid unnecessary evaporation. The bottles with puffer sprays come with an additional cap for this purpose.

Which products are vegan and cruelty-free?
Everything is handmade in our Montreal studio and we never use ingredients that have been tested on animals. Rose Noire tinted lip balm contains organic beeswax. Clove and Honey lip balm contains organic beeswax and honey. Lumen Naturae perfume oil contains a bee propolis tincture. Occasionally limited edition products may contain organic beeswax or honey (sourced ethically and locally) as well. 

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