• LVNEA's "Bleeding Heart" stationery set including a hand-bound scented booklet and scented ink in black glass vessel with gold foil. The set is surrounded by lush pink roses and red rose petals.
  •  LVNEA's "Bleeding Heart" stationery set including a hand-bound scented booklet and scented ink in black glass vessel with gold foil. The set is seen from above and surrounded by scattered rose petals, and a piece of natural paper with the word "Devotion" written in red ink.
  • BLEEDING HEART ❦ Perfumed Intentions Ritual Set

BLEEDING HEART ❦ Perfumed Intentions Ritual Set

𝓑𝓵𝓮𝓮𝓭𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓗𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓽・Perfumed Intentions Ritual Memo Set

As our ability to communicate began to evolve from something rudimentary into a flourishing art form, our stories found their way onto walls, into frescos, onto vellum, and into bound volumes, manifesting our heart's hopes into the material world through our hands. Through canvas we found catharsis, inspiration, knowledge—as well as a means to communicate and expedite our thoughts, desires, and our most secret of correspondences.

Never have pen and paper gone quite as out of style as in recent years. Paradoxically, the same tangible nature of paper ephemera that condemns it to the past is what canonized it,  ensuring its everlasting endurance through the annals of history past and still unwritten — for we are, above all, sentimentalists at heart, moved by nostalgia, tuned into the infinitely powerful and primal practice which has served us for eons as both messenger and guardian of our most precious thoughts.

An experiment in the ancient arts of perfumed paper making and natural pigment, our Bleeding Heart perfumed intentions ritual set combines Victorian sentimentality with the power of Will and Devotion, as expressed and enacted through written word.

Each ritual set contains an artisanally-crafted perfumed ink made of ancient aphrodisiacs, naturally occurring botanical pigment, and intention-setting resins for permanence, in addition to a flower-flocked memo card meant to carefully guard your words and invocations. Ink will require a quill, ink pen, or brush for use. 

SCENTED. MEMO CARD NOTES: orris root・benzoin・rose・frankincense・styrax・myrrh

rose petals・dragons’ blood・saffron・ musk・myrrh・mastic・benzoin

Ingredients: Styrax Benzoin Resin, Calamus Draco (Dragon’s Blood) Resin, Rosa Damascena Flower, Crocus Sativus (Saffron), Pistacia Lentiscus (Mastic) Resin,  Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh) Extract, Ferula Moschata (Muskroot) Extract, Alcohol, Acacia Senegal Gum

This set includes: 1 x 5ml naturally-scented artisanal ink presented in a black glass bottle and  1 x naturally-scented floral memo card (2 pages) bound with string, linen black cardstock, and gold foil motif.  Seal and store to preserve aroma. Shake ink well and remove air-tight dropper insert before use. Replace after use to avoid spills.


This limited edition offering is made with extra-special artisanal extracts as part of our ROSE DEVOTION Amatory box.

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Love this Victorian Set!

The creator of this divine petite set authentic. The note pages of two are small fitting for intentions under a new moon or magical words held close. The aroma I wish will never leave these notes that rose hints of frankincense, myrrh incredible combination. The bleeding heart ink glides beautifully pen to paper, brilliant! -- although I wish the aroma was the same as the notes. If the scented notes ever to come available alone as refills to this set, I would be in line to buy!