• A bundle of incense sticks bound in yellow paper, sitting next to a black paper tube with a bodhi leaf pressed onto it.
  • Black paper tube on black background. The label on the tube reads "Mahakala Incense".

Bodhi Leaf Tibetan Incense

  • $23.00
These incense sticks are exclusively prepared using special medicinal and herbal ingredients of the Himalayan region. It is a completely handmade product that supports the livelihood of many Nepalese artisans.

This incense is prepared for a special offering to Mahakala, who protects and redeems all sentient beings from all dangers and fear. It brings you good luck, peace, happiness, prosperity and harmony.

Size: 7.5 inch L
No. Of Incense sticks : 30
Weight: 90 grams approx.