• 3ml glass sample spray bottle of LVNEA's Eau de Venus natural fragrance on black background
  • Full sample set of LVNEA's Eau de Cologne collection on black background. Includes Eau de Floride, Eau du Diable and Eau de Venus, each in a 3ml glass spray top bottle.

EAU DE COLOGNE | Individual Spirit Water Samples

  • $12.00


A sample vial filled with your choice of a natural Eau de Cologne offered by LVNEA. Curious about a fragrance, but unsure if it is the right sent for you or a loved one? This is the perfect way to give it a try before committing to a full-sized bottle. 

While often mistaken for an inherently masculine perfume, an Eau de Cologne is traditionally unisex and is composed of fresh or herbaceous notes made from citrus oils, herbs, and flowers. Historically, they were used not only as perfumes but also as powerful cure-all tonics that combined aspects of herbalism and medicine with perfumery. Our line of colognes draws inspiration from these traditional formulae and can be used not only as a perfume but also as a room spray, uplifting aromatherapy mists, or in ritual.

3ml presented in a clear glass vial with spray top. 

Choose amongst:

EAU DU DIABLEbergamot ·orange blossom · jasmine · rose · musk · leather · incense · sandalwood
EAU DE FLORIDE: lavender · neroli · bergamot · rose · lemon · clove
EAU DE VÉNUS: mugwort · yarrow · magnolia · rose · soft musk · sandalwood · benzoin

*May contain limonene and/or linalool, naturally occurring constituents in most essential oils.