LILY OF THE VALLEY | Limited Edition Parfum Botanique

Our annual, limited-edition Lily of the Valley botanical roll-on is back. An all-natural fantasy floral comprised of a handmade artisanal enfleurage and other rare botanical extracts from our personal collection. 

Lily of the Valley, May Bells, Our Mother's Tears — the mere scent of this woodland flower's unmistakeable scallopped bells is said to relieve depression and imbue gentleness, modesty, and a sweet disposition. Soft and comforting in its pungeance, it is a familiar scent to many and can provide a sense of security - an olfactory window onto a time and place nested within the secret hearts of whomever beholds it. 

Notes: lily of the valley · vanilla · green florals · lemon 
Aspects:  soft · floral · creamy 

fractionated coconut oil, plant extracts, and an essential oil blend plus a small amount of lily of the valley flower enfleurage containing coconut oil, shea butter, and flower petals. 

10ml presented in a black amethyst glass bottle with a crystal rollerball.

This fragrance is comprised of local, seasonally grown blooms which were handpicked and transformed to offer you this limited-edition offering. Subtle variations from previous editions may occur, as no two seasons' flowers' scents are ever the same, making this a truly one of the kind fragrance.


  • $60.00