Olfactory Allies and Fragrant Talismans for Sagittarius Season

This article was originally posted December 8th 2023 as part of our Olfactory Allies and Fragrant Talismans newsletter series, which highlights correlations between astrological transits and fragrant plant matter. View the full newsletter here.

Pine · Poplar Bud · Oakwood · Pink Pepper

Poor Sagittarius—while the Sun moves through the domain of the celestial archer, the northern hemisphere wanes into darkness. Ever on a quest for expansion, fulfillment, and wonderment, cold and gray November’s transit into December can feel restrictive to Sagittarius, who lives by the jovian principles of seeding change, harvesting growth, and redistributing abundance. These are earnest, adventurous optimists with a tendency to burn-up lest they exteriorize their vital flame, and while under their dominion, we may find ourselves consumed by the burning desire to shoot forward while the world begins to slow and winter closes in.

Though it is wise to temper the archer’s knee-jerk impulsivity, do not stifle its desire for enrichment by staying cooped up or daydreaming of warmer days. Take that need for adventure and bewilderment into your backyard, and rediscover all the changing beauty and delights late fall has to offer; pink cheeks and frosted lashes; the crystal twinkle of frost beginning to form; the way new scents cut through the crisp, metallic tang of cold air and fill the changing landscape.

This season’s olfactory allies each showcase distinct aromatic profiles as well as quiver-fulls of therapeutic virtues. In true jovian nature, they are generous with their gifts, which are often concentrated in their returning fruit and seed. You can call on them as well as other fruiting trees, cheerful citrus, and circulation-boosting spices as you move through the season, impulses tempered, heart resolute, head held high and arms wide open.

 P I N E

Bright and buoyant, Jupiter-ruled Pine’s aromatic energetics are as vivifying as they can be grounding. Pine is a hardy, generous plant spirit that can adapt to almost any climate, granting it a wide sprawl and millenia of wisdom.

 P O P L A R. B U D 

Poplar’s energy is optimistic and determined, pushing ever forward in order for its moment in the sun. Its sweet, sticky buds are packed with fragrant, skin-healing sap, making poplar a powerhouse ingredient in scented salves and healing ointments.

O A K W O O D 

Warm and robust, oakwood has an undeniably charming fragrance. It is an expansive, enveloping aroma, which grows with the wearer both aromatically and spiritually. Oak encourages tenacity and calls forth abundance, and holds tremendous spiritual significance.

 P I N K  P E P P E R

A prolific odiferous fruit with a unique signature that is bright, peppery, a hint floral, and entirely unapologetic. With its rosy hue and vibrant nature, Pink Pepper can teach self-acceptance and pride in our individuality.
(Meta)physically-speaking, the Jupiter-ruled botanical tokens  discussed above’s fruiting bodies represent an abundance of fertile ideas, so plentiful as to be redistributed in order to grow as both an individual and as a powerful, unified force of soaring potential
As always, thank you for taking this time with us. Through this astrological series, we hope to help you familiarize yourself with different plants and ways of communing with them during astrological transits and periods of metamorphosis. May your inner-glow and drive for wonderment light the way forward through the darkness ahead.

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