• 100ml black glass bottle of LVNEA’s Eau du Diable natural fragrance on black background
  • 50ml black glass bottle of LVNEA’s Eau du Diable natural fragrance on black background

EAU DU DIABLE | Eau de Cologne - fleur d'oranger, bois de santal, ambre, musc

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Cette eau de Cologne est plus légère qu'une eau de parfum et peut être utilisée pour se parfumer soi-même, ainsi que pour la maison. Considérez-le comme un purificateur d'air qui rejette l'idéal de la pureté sainte et embrasse le péché et les délices terrestres, juste un peu. 

Comme un pacte avec le diable, il commence en douceur - des notes ouvrantes de fleur d'oranger, de bois de santal, de ylang ylang - avant de révéler sa nature plus sombre - cuir, rose, jasmin sensuel, ambre, musc, benjoin. 

Notes en vedette: Bergamote · neroli · jasmin · rose · cuir botanique · encens · musc · bois de santal 

Aspects: Vif · floral · envoûtant · animal · ambre

Le Rtuel: Vaporisez la quantité désirée en voile sur le corps (en évitant les yeux) et/ou sur les vêtements (d’une distance maximale pour éviter les taches - les parfums naturels on des teintes naturelles). Peut aussi être utilisé en tant que parfum d’ambiance pour rafraîchir les pièces, la literie, etc. Storez le flacon dans un endroit frais et sec.

Ingrédients: Alcool (sucre de canne, bio), parfums et fragrances naturels (Huiles essentielles, absolues, hydrolats, extraits botaniques) 

*Ce parfum contient de l'essence de coquillages (onycha). 

Disponible dans des flacons en verre de 50ml ou 100ml avec vaporisateur vérouillable.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Freida Rossdanson

Goes in a little more on the citrusy and alcoholic side, settles into a beautiful, deep, resinous scent. I’m obsessed. I feel sexy & beautiful wearing this. For the femme fatales… go on and buy it, it’s worth it!!

A lot of people like this perfume

To be honest, I do find it slightly too smoky. On my skin this starts smoky and dries down to floral and almost sweet. Very devilish indeed. Every time I wear this out, people stop to tell me I smell good. I mean total strangers will turn their heads to tell me this. So I think I will be buying a second bottle when mine runs out.

all hail: a raucous, night-drenched, animalistic citrus blossom

I feel shy trying to talk about Eau Du Diable.

It is my favorite perfume, across my entire collection, across all houses and categories, and is almost too special for me to try to diminish by anchoring it into words. But I want you to try it, so I am going to do so anyway.

It’s a shapeshifting kind of scent that I would imagine smells a little different on everyone. But I also suspect it’s a fragrance who’s personality might not be a home to all. Eau du Diable is a dirty, filthy, feral floral. Not clean white flowers and soft heady powdery. Not a bouquet or an arrangement. It’s in the dirt. There’s something like a skin-musk-sweat note, slightly indolic, indulgent and dangerous and sensual.

It’s deeply sexy. Sweet without being gourmand. On my skin it wears like raucous night-drenched, animalistic citrus blossom.

It’s a bacchanal. Or maybe some hexennacht/walpurgisnacht ritual, but not what one might imagine as the scene of it all, or the zoomed out atmosphere of forest and fire and smoke. But rather something more intimate and close to the flesh. The wild sexuality of bodies in ecstatic supplication. Sweet spit on skin and an otherworldly rhythm moving your limbs. Secret incense of woods and resins burning in the distance, and flowers exhaling into the warm night. It’s liberatory. Without boundaries. And it's absolute perfect.

Sweet and Spicy!

Diablo exudes that red feeling. The seductive red devil maybe.
Spicy almost peppery, sweet from the floral scents mentioned.
It carries itself as a very thick scent, animalistic even. I wish I was more worthy of wearing this scent!

Definitely spicy!

I blindly ordered this without sampling first which is definitely a brave thing to do! After reading the ingredients of this fragrance and loving my previous purchases from Lvnea, I just knew I should take a chance! I do really enjoy how this smells after wearing it for a few days. It is a little strong at first but after it oxidizes and mixes on the skin, it is really something special. The sweetness is very subtle and complements the spice very nicely. Happy that I took a chance with this one! Reminds me of summer nights by a fire. Keep it up Lvnea!! ♡