• 10g black glass jar of LVNEA's Fire & Oud solid perfume and its box on black background

FIRE & OUD | Parfum crème - bois d'agar, cèdre, encens, fumée

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Un parfum solide foncé et fumé avec un cœur de résines chaudes et de bois ardants.

Notes en vedette: Bois d'agar · bois de cœur vert · arbre arborvitae géant · cèdre · encens boswellia · choya loban · résine opoponax  

Impressions: Boisé · fumé · encens 

Ingrédients: Huile de Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) bio, cire de Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla), parfums et fragrances naturels (cires florales, mélange d'huiles essentielles, extraits naturels de plantes). 

Le Rituel: Réchauffez le baume entre vos doigts jusqu’à ce qu’il soit mobile et appliquez, selon la quanitité désirée, sur la longeur du corps en en privilégiant les points de pouls (poignets creux des bras, nuque, décolleté, etc). Peut aussi être utilisé en modération pour parfumer la barbe.

10g dans un pot en verre noir, présenté dans un boîtier en carton.



Customer Reviews

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Exquisite, dark, powerful.

Fire & Oud is stunningly smokey, and while I can appreciate the comparisons to campfire, the smoke to me seems absolutely infused with resin. This is the smoke of incense, both the bright immediacy of its burning and the rich, dark aftermath. Incredibly blended, I am consistently impressed with the base and carrier oils this artist uses. The blend for these parfume crèmes are lovely.

wow <3

I think one of my favourite scents of all time is the lingering smell of campfire in your clothes. When I first smelled this in the store I was transported to another place which felt like something outside of my own memories and lifetime. Fire & Oud evokes something deep and rich that is as captivating as staring into the dancing embers of a fire. I kept walking around the store sniffing other testers but in my heart of hearts I knew that this was the one I was taking home. Thank you for your creations!

Sara B.
Totally Amazed!

I usually avoid solid perfumes, most I've encounter from other brands are very hard and take some effort to dig out of the tin and warm up enough to try and get on my skin. The whole process was really unpleasant and the scent never seemed to last long. I've stuck with liquid oil based perfumes ever since and never tried any of Lvnea's creme perfumes. When my favorite Lvnea roll-on, Le Loup Blanc, got retired recently I decided I had to try and find a replacement for it. I've tried all the Lvnea roll on perfumes and while all lovely, none seemed right for my every day perfume, so I broke down and got samples of a couple creme perfumes. I'm just so blown away at how lovely they are! They come out of the tins easily with a gentle swipe and a nice consistence that makes putting them easy. I was so wrong to expect all solid perfumes to be terrible anointing experiences!

This particular scent is actually very close to the Le Loup Blanc if you're wanting something similar, warm, woody, and smokey. I love it and I actually think it may last longer throughout the day than the roll-on! This whole experience has opened my eyes. I'll have to work my way through the whole creme collection now and try them all!