HOLY OAK | Eau de Parfum - Galbanum, feuille de cèdre, bois de cèdre, bois de chêne, mousse de chêne

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Un parfum qui vous transportera instantanément au coeur d'une forêt ancienne après une pluie torrentielle, juste au moment où reviennent le soleil et sa lueur. Des notes olfactives de bois, de terre, de feuilles trempées, et d'effluves discrèts provenant d'une vielle chapelle au loin entourée de roses sauvages et d'un nuage d'encens.

Notes en vedette : Galbanum · feuille de cèdre · bois de cèdre · oliban · terre humide · bois de chène · mousse de chène

Impressions : Boisé, rond, familier, un contraste de notes fraîches et humides, chaudes et sèches, un soupson gourmand

Le Rituel:  Vaporisez la quantité désirée en voile sur le corps (en évitant les yeux) ou les vêtements (d'une distance maximale pour éviter les taches - les parfums naturels ont des teintes naturelles). Storez le flacon dans un endroit frais et sec. 

Ingrédients: Alcool (sucre de canne, bio),  parfums et fragrances naturels (Huiles essentielles, absolues, hudrolats, extraits botaniques, isolats naturels)

Disponible dans des flacons en verre de 8ml ou 30ml avec vaporisateur.


Customer Reviews

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Brigitte Zandboer-Perreault
LVNEA = Holy Oak Eau de Parfum 30 ml

Holy Oak Eau de Parfum was recommended last summer while visiting their beautiful boutique in Montreal. This is our 2 bottle. Definitely will order more in a very near future.
Beautiful packaging and great customer service. Love the bath salts too!

Bobby W
Scent memory AF!

Sunshine and woods. Warmth and magic!
Holy Oak is really special!
Upon application it smells ‘elevating’. Like looking up at the sun beaming through a canopy of beautiful woods. The warmth bathes your face and melts the last snow, revealing the fiddle leaf figs already starting to unfurl on the forest floor. Your heart sings a little prayer :*) it will be an early spring.

(On my skin) all the flirty green notes settle quickly into a lovely dry resinous scent. I’m imagining being slathered in beeswax while warming up in a dry sauna as my hot bisexual friends brush each other’s hair and sip pu’erh.
As the little room heats up, beads of sap drip from the wooden walls onto the hot sauna rocks - giving the gentlest whisper of sweet sticky smoke.

Absolutely precious and ritualistic.

Ethereal scent from the forest

From the moment it has been released, I fell in love with Holy Oak. Its scent is deep, complex and lasts all day long. It's such a pleasure to wear it on a scarf and breathe in the scent to travel to the forest even in the city. Definitely my favourite perfume !

Perfect nature blend

I use this perfume when I want to feel connected to Earth . It is woodsy and damp moss like the description says and also hints of rose and light all at once. As forest scents are my go-to this one is perfect for me. I'm due for a new bottle!

One for the Oak tree lovers

This perfume is one of my favorite releases alongside Dagger Moon.
The perfume sprays on very cool damp mossy as the oak and lichen slowly warms up you can smell wafts of frankincense and rose tingle the tops of your nasal cavity. It’s very true to its mission and not overtly complicated.
Very great duration on my skin, but be wary it will stain your clothes!