LA SERPENTINE | Eau de parfum - pêche, osmanthus, patchouli, mousse de chêne

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Un parfum onctueux et animal, avec des notes de fruits à noyau mûrs et des nuances vertes.

Notes en vedette : Pêche ∙ osmanthus ∙ flor de mariposa ∙ patchouli ∙ thé noir ∙ miel ∙ bois de santal ∙ mousse de chêne 

Impressions : Fruité ∙ mielleux ∙ animalique ∙ chypré ∙ cuir

Le Rituel : Vaporisez la quantité désirée en voile sur le corps (en évitant les yeux) ou les vêtements (d'une distance maximale pour éviter les taches - les parfums naturels ont des teintes naturelles). Storez le flacon dans un endroit frais et sec.

Ingrédients : Alcool (sucre de canne, bio), parfums et fragrances naturels (Huiles essentielles, absolues, hydrolats, extraits botaniques, isolats naturels)

*Ce parfum contient de l'absolue de miel.

Présenté dans un flacon en verre noir de 30 ml ou un flacon transparent de 8 ml avec un bouchon atomiseur.


Customer Reviews

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Tyler REED
Pretty, but too complex for me

I wanted to love this but it was just a little too "old lady" and heavy for me. I gave it to my grandma and she was obsessed. Very beautiful scent I was just hoping for something lighter

Lady Gray
Beautifully Complex

What an amazing scent. This is my favorite perfume and I wear it almost daily.
Although scent is subjective to the user, for me the smell is smooth, sensual and mellow. I smell liquid leather with a touch of peach to sweeten it up.
I’m obsessed 🖤🍑🖤

The packaging is sleek as pictured and the spritzer delivers a nice wide spray.

My favorite

This is my favorite perfume EVER. This perfume was clearly made for me. I like to mix it sometimes with Foret Dormant and it makes this perfect witch in the woods smell for me :-D
Last all day on my skin!


La Serpentine is really something to let your mind wander over. I don't really know how to describe it, but I know exactly how it makes me feel. La Serpentine evokes a very strong reaction in my brain. It feels like the kind of ache that you want to feel. It is sexy as fvck. This might be the first chypre I've ever encountered. I wear this if I definitely want someone to notice, it is not a scent I can hide. I would only wear this for a lover or to relentlessly tease someone. You might have a different interpretation. Strong isn't the right word, it's complex in an indelicate and partially obscured way, so it comes across as kind of blunt. There's even something about it that feels like a surprise, some vague attractive disharmony. It is also strong, I find it aggressive in a very hot way. Its also soft, very femme, but unyielding. It makes me feel just the right amount of tension in just the right way. Might be an every day for for a femme fatale, at least during cool weather. More often than not, I wear it to bed.
For me it's too intimate for every day. Its honestly too irresistible. But on occasions when I want sexy power, or even want to experience it alone, it's exactly what I desire. ✨😈✨