• LVNEA's Larmes de Rose facial serum housed in a 20ml black glass bottle with dropper top on a black background.
  • 20ml black glass bottle with a black label reading "Larmes de Rose Facial Serum" in gold. There is a black unlabelled bottle next to it with its top removed, revealing a dropper filled with golden liquid.

LARMES DE ROSE | Sérum pour le visage

  • $54.00

Le sérum facial ultime. Chaque ingrédient nourissant est un luxe choisi pour ses propriétés curatives, hydratantes et riches en nutriments. 

Ingrédients en vedette: 

Huile de figue de barbarie - cicatrisant, repulpe la peau, réduit les rides et ajoute de la fermeté. 

CoQ10 - enzyme naturelle qui stimule la réparation et la régénération de la peau. 

Baie d'argousier - contient une multitude de nutriments, de protéines et d'acides gras essentiels qui rendent la peau saine et forte.

Le rituel: masser quelques gouttes sur son visage, son cou, et son décolleté propres matin et soir.

Ingrédients: huile de jojoba, huile de pépins de figue de barbarie, huile de pépins de grenade, extraits d'huile de rose musquée, baies d'argousier, graines de carotte et calendula, squalane d'olive, CoQ10 et un mélange d'huiles essentielles comprenant la rose, le jasmin, l'hélichryse et la fleur de tilleul. 

Présenté dans un magnifique flacon en verre noir améthyste de 20 ml avec compte-gouttes en verre transparent.


Customer Reviews

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daily necessity

my husband + i use this stuff everyday and swear by it: it's rich and luxurious but absorbs beautifully, leaving our skin hydrated and glowy all day. love pairing it with the damask rose facial water, this serum smells beautiful, too 🖤🌹

Love this oil - wonderful nighttime ritual

I hesitated buying this oil because I tend to have oily skin and didn’t want to make matters worse, but this oil is the perfect nighttime ritual. It smells heavenly and just feels so luxurious to apply. The best thing: my skin is moisturized and doesn’t break out!

Great for my dry hair too

Thanks for the sample.

Yes it made my face very happy
More than any type of hair oil I’ve tried this revitalized my dry dyed ends. Smooth and didn’t weigh it down. I will get this for my hair but I’d be curious about a dedicated hair oil, I bet you could make something amazing. For textured hair too? 🤩

A truly beautiful oil

This oil goes above and beyond. Every time I use it, I glow and my skin looks and feels more evenly textured. I've tried a number of different high-end oils, and this is definitely one of my favorites. Also, I have oily skin, but this oil is super balancing and sinks right in without leaving a greasy residue.

beth kwiecinski
10 stars!!

At first I bought this because I saw Chelsea wolfe mention it in insta. I winced at the price, but I will never NOT buy this. My skin has shown such an incredible improvement with regular use. I can't imagine not using this. Will be back for more!