• 30ml black glass bottle of LVNEA’s L'Incarnation natural perfume on black background
  • 30ml black glass bottle of LVNEA’s L'Incarnation natural perfume on black background. The lid is removed, exposing the bottle's spray top.
  • 8ml clear glass bottle of LVNEA’s l'Incarnation natural perfume on black background
  • 8ml clear bottle of LVNEA'S L'Incarnation natural perfume on black background, bottle is rotated at a 3/4 angle exposing a star pattern on the label.

L'INCARNATION | Eau de Parfum - oeillet, yuzu, musc, chèvrefeuille

  • $128.00

Du latin caro ("chair") et incarnation (en référence à Dieu fait chair), ou Corona couronne, guirlande ou couronne.

Des notes d'œillet épicé et de rose sur une chair douce, L'Incarnation est un parfum floral vintage avec une touche charnelle. 

NOTES EN VEDETTES : Poivre rose ∙ yuzu ∙ rose ∙ oeillet ∙ vanille ∙ clou de girofle ∙ musc 

IMPRESSIONS : Poudré ∙ musqué ∙ épicé ∙ charnel ∙ floral ∙ vintage

Le Rituel : Vaporisez la quantité désirée en voile sur le corps (en évitant les yeux) ou les vêtements (d'une distance maximale pour éviter les taches - les parfums naturels ont des teintes naturelles).

INGRÉDIENTS : Alcool (sucre de canne, bio), parfums et fragrances naturels (Huiles essentielles, absolues, hydrolats, extraits botaniques, isolats naturels) 

Disponible dans des flacons en verre de 8ml ou 30ml avec vaporisateur. 



Customer Reviews

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Delicious and intoxicating

On my skin, L'Incarnation smells like rich sun-warmed honey floating through a spiced perfume garden. Certainly not overly sweet, with depth and mystery. The rose and carnation really come through layers of varietal honey. I also catch scents of brugmansia, bitter lime, propolis, and cedar. This is the first thing I'll definitely buy full-size when my sample runs out.


There's a ridiculous scene in the Ridley Scott Cormac McCarthy adaptation of The Counsellor in which Malkina (Cameron Diaz) splays herself on a Ferrari windshield above Reiner (Javier Bardem), who reflects on the experience as 'overly gynaecological.' There is something about L'Incarnation that feels like a cross-section of the anatomy of a flower meeting the glass of a vehicle. The piercing citrusy notes are powdery, almost like a light braille, there's a crown of baby head smell, and it settles, on my skin, as light and buttery. At times, and at best, it reminds me of a more feminine, less metallic Les Lunatiques. At times, it smells a bit like effervescent vitamin C tablets.