• 10ml black glass bottle of LVNEA's Nuit Désert natural roll on perfume oil on black background
  • 10ml bottle of LVNEA'S Nuit Désert perfume leaning up against its black packaging. They are propped up on a black piece of wood. There is a plume of smoke in the background and a piece of cedar leaf in the foreground.

NUIT DÉSERT | Parfum botanique - feuille de cèdre, jasmin, fumée

  • $66.00

Ce parfum à l'huile est comme une nuit fraiche et sèche dans le désert. La noirceur est tombée, les étoiles brillent au-dessus et le feu gronde. Vous êtes seul et respirez cet air clair et parfumé.

Notes en vedette : feuille de cèdre · bois de cèdre · fumée · jasmin · vétiver · bois de santal · bois d'agar (oud)

Impressions : boisé · camphre · fumé · terreux

Ingrédients: triglycéride caprylique/caprique (huile de noix de coco fractionnée), parfum/fragrance naturel (huiles essentielles, absolues, extractions artisanales, et/ou isolats naturels)

Le Rituel : Roulez, selon la quantité désirée, sur la longueur du corps ou les points de pouls; poignets, creux des bras, nuque, décoleté, etc. Évitez le contact avec les vêtements. Storez le flacon dans un endroit frais et sec.

Disponible dans des flacons en verre noir de 10ml ou 20ml avec applicateur à bille, présenté dans un tube en carton portatif.



Customer Reviews

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Personal staple

This is one of my signature scents. I love the combo of sweet florals and lush earth. An immediate transportation to a warm desert night under a canopy of stars.

My long-time fave

I've been wearing Nuit Desert since back in the day when it was called 'Desert Night' (I want to say 2016? 2017?). It's complex, spicy, and evokes a sense of space. Like being under the stars on a cold night, but cozied up in warm blankets next to a dying fire. The formulation may have changed since I initially purchased it, as I think it had some juniper notes which were also lovely. When I'm wearing it, people comment on this scent long after I thought it had faded - my nose just gets used to it I guess, but it really lasts quite a long time. This is my ride-or-die, everyday scent and I feel it has a place in any season.

The perfume manifestation of "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin

This perfume really reminds me of the song "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin. a song about wanderlust, far-off lands, and the beauty of the unknown. It really does smell like being alone in a desert at night. An ethereal, beautiful perfume. This will be my next purchase.

Smells like silence

The description is so accurate! It smells like silence and solitude, outdoors on a cool night. But not a lonely solitude, it's rather a relieved solitude because for a while you can escape the turmoil, gather your thoughts, hear your own heartbeat and just breathe. Whatever IT is, IT can wait for daylight to return. Calm, cool, spaceous...a time-out in a bottle. Oh yeah and ofcourse there's wood and smoke and a faint floral but never mind technical details....Love!!