PÊCHE OBSCÈNE · Chelsea Wolfe x Lvnea | Eau de Parfum

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Notre parfum en édition limitée et toujours captivant fait en collaboration avec Chelsea Wolfe est de retour des archives pour une courte durée seulement.

La pêche charnue et onctueuse se mêle au jasmin soyeux dans un parfum profondément séduisant et capiteux, superposé à une base luxuriante et terreuse de patchouli vieilli, de vétiver, de mousse et de bois. Tombez profondément sous le charme des fruits mûrs et de leur sol velouté.

Notes en vedette : Pêche · osmanthus · fleurs de jasmin · terre humide · vétiver · patchouli · mousse de chène · bois de santal

Impressions : Narcotique · floral · chypré · terreux 

Le Rituel : Vaporisez la quantité désirée en voile sur le corps (en évitant les yeux) ou les vêtements (d'une distance maximale pour éviter les taches - les parfums naturels ont des teintes naturelles). Storez le flacon dans un endroit frais et sec.

Ingrédients : Alcool (de canne, bio), parfums et fragrances naturels (Huiles essentielles, absolues, hydrolats, extraits botaniques)


Livré dans un magnifique flacon en verre noir améthyste avec brumisateur, niché dans une boîte cadeau noire mate. 

egalement disponible en Parfum Botanique à base d'huile ICI

Customer Reviews

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Time capsule bottled

Adored most beautifully, strong at first spray on the nape of my hair strands, one, two mists is all you need. As it settles in and it will the lingering aroma sweeps back in time -- 1920's a version of Chanel no5 and my excitement, wonderment begins and then it softens even more till days later I capture her once again! Thank you so beautiful!

A Witch's Peach

In the bottle the jasmine, patchouli and oakmoss are strong with a smokiness floating around them, seizing my nostrils with a scent reminiscent of a mature perfume mixed with burning incense.
Wet on my skin I smell the peach creeping its way to the front between the patchouli and oakmoss, with claws that bruise the plants.
Post drydown, the peach is harmonizing with the vetiver, oakmoss and patchouli, with the jasmine and sandalwood lingering along the periphery.
It creates a complex, dark fragrance that is musky and heady like a witch's peach she placed on the altar and allowed to rot among her herbs and incense.

Summer longing (but wonderful whenever)

I ordered this a bit impulsively, because it's strikingly different than anything else in my collection. Sometimes fruity and floral scents can be headache-inducing for me; however, I find this fragrance gorgeously balanced! The peach is subtle but clear, with bitter and sweet sides interplaying throughout the wear time. This scent really lasts, shifting in lovely ways all the while! Also, I find the opening notes deliciously smoky, and I didn't realize that wasn't one of the notes here! The smoke makes my first moments wearing the fragrance sort of off-putting (in an intoxicating way), so I get to spend a few minutes fascinated as the scent calms and evolves, leaving peaches and earth and smoke lingering all day. It's totally a summer smell, for me, but I find myself longing to wear it even now (just after the winter solstice)... it's such a luscious and evocative fragrance: late sunsets, dancing by a bonfire, freedom and possibility. Actually, I'm wearing now anyway! It's too delicious to withhold. Highly recommend, especially if you're someone who likes a off-the-beaten-path.

HUGE AGREE with previous reviewers: if this was part of the permanent collection, I am absolutely certain I'd buy new bottles over and over

Vintage and a little dirty

This is a much more metamorphic take on vintage fragrances like Femme by Rochas and Dior Poison. It's almost as if you're experiencing the life cycle of a peach, starting with the pit in the dirt, to the ripening on the tree, and back into the earth and decaying on the ground. I'm in love.

Forest hippie

I am very familiar with Lvnea's perfumes but this was my first time trying Peche Obscene. My favorite notes in natural perfumery are jasmine, patchouli and sandalwood. I was a bit scared of vetiver and oak moss because these notes can easily dominate a formula. On clothing, I can easily pick up on the peach and hints of patchouli, vetiver and moss in the background. As the perfume unfolds, the damp earth begins to peek through even more whilst remaining balanced by the golden peach nectar. It never becomes too sweet nor too ‘masculine’. It’s intoxicating and relaxing. It reminds me of Oregon’s coastal forest on a summer day as theirs a bit of a ‘salt air’ kinda vibe, perhaps from the moss? At times I also get whiffs of incense, perhaps from the sandalwood. The way the notes are blended is so balanced that you never feel like one note is overtaking the entire perfume. Now on my skin, things become a bit different as body chemistry becomes an added factor. The perfume opens up with a much sweeter peach and jasmine and then quickly transitions into moss. Sadly it doesn't work too well on my skin. I much prefer to wear this on clothing because the notes seem a lot more balanced and last a very long time (12+ hours).

I agree with the review below. It would be nice to have this as a permanent collection and perhaps even offer samples. It’s a scent that works year round and truly is gender neutral.