• 10ml black glass bottle of LVNEA's Saffron Rouge natural roll on perfume oil on black background

SAFFRON ROUGE | Parfum botanique - safran, rose, calamus, cannelle, nard rouge

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Conçu pour fonctionner avec vos phéromones naturelles et rehaussr l'attraction. Selon la légende Amazighe, on dit que le parfum du saffan a des pouvoirs magiques - le pouvoir de faire tomber les gens amoureux. 

Notes en vedettes : Cuir · safran · attar de roses · nard rouge · calamus · cannelle.

Impressions : cuir · animal · épicé · floral

Ingrédients: triglycéride caprylique/caprique (huile de noix de coco fractionnée), parfum/fragrance naturel (huiles essentielles, absolues, extractions artisanales, et/ou isolats naturels)

Customer Reviews

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Olivia M
My favourite Lvnea perfume!

Ahh, I could bathe in this one. If you like saffron, I can't imagine why this wouldn't appeal. Worth sampling at least but I could have easily bought this blind and been over the moon.

Savory + Sensual

This scent is my go-to to feeling more sensual and sassy in my own skin. Saffron very clearly registers but with a combination of essential oils that provide a more savory, musky base to sit upon.

Saffron Crocus

Saffron absolute has the distinctive scent of wet leather, and the opening here is no different. But a few minutes later the magic happens: the remarkable scent of a freshly bloomed saffron crocus begins to appear. It’s the closest approximation to the real thing I have experienced, a scent that is tragically lost the moment the saffron is harvested for use. It’s a very earthy, powdery, orris-like scent, difficult to describe, and incredibly beautiful.

My cats seem to love it, too. They keep creeping over to have a sniff and it’s genuinely making me laugh.

Grounded and gorgeous

Absolutely beautiful scent. Gives me strong memories of the buddhist incense my grandmother used to burn in her home. I would love this in an eau de parfum. It has become a signature fragrance for me.

Heather Vee
Earthy, sun-bright, and deeply, DEEPLY sexy.

It seems criminal that no one has sung the praises of this incredible scent on this page yet, so here I am! I am not a stranger to Lvnea on the whole, but I received the full Botanical Perfume Oil set for my birthday and it was the first time I was able to smell the entire selection of blends. I applied Saffron Rouge first thing in the morning before running errands, and on initial application I was impressed with the authenticity of the saffron; it was strong, earthy and golden, and unmistakable, which has not been my experience with some perfumes that contain saffron. Then, over the subsequent hour, the saffron softened and those notes of rose and cinnamon and red spikenard drifted up and it became utterly intoxicating. I buy and wear a lot of perfume, but I rarely fall in love immediately; I could not stop marveling at the scent permeating my car. I could not stop lifting my wrist to my nose. So yes, this perfume has magical powers. I bought a full bottle as soon as I returned home. This will be my summer scent, without question. If you want to smell like the sun hovering golden on the horizon amongst blooms of hot orange and pink light that turns everything coral (incidentally the sunrise these past two mornings here in Tucson), then this is your perfume. May it remain in the catalog forever.