• 10ml black glass bottle of LVNEA's Spirituum natural roll on perfume oil on black background

SPIRITUUM | Parfum botanique - patchouli, mousse de chêne, galbanum

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Ce parfum à l'huile est un chypré vert qui marie la mousse de chène à la résine sacrée, comme englouti dans le myrrhe et le galbanum. Une bouffée d'air copal. 

Notes en vedette : Galbanum · patchouli · cannabis · mousse de chène 

Impressions : chypré · vert · résineux · moussu 

Ingrédients: triglycéride caprylique/caprique (huile de noix de coco fractionnée), parfum/fragrance naturel (huiles essentielles, absolues, extractions artisanales, et/ou isolats naturels)

Le Rituel : Roulez, selon la quantité désirée, sur la longueur du corps ou les points de pouls; poignets, creux des bras, nuque, décoleté, etc. Évitez le contact avec les vêtements. Storez le flacon dans un endroit frais et sec.

Disponible dans des flacons en verre noir de 10ml ou 20ml avec applicateur à bille, présenté dans un tube en carton portatif.



Customer Reviews

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Compelling and sacred.

Resin and incense and smokey earth, a magnificent scent that blends beautifully with Cuir Fétiche. The herbaceous notes are deep without being muddled—this is the Chartreuse of fragrances. The artist's skill with drawing forth each aspect without blurring or obscuring any of them is very much appreciated.

Elle G

This is a stunningly deep and addictive scent, that to me is evocative of church incense, subtle earthiness and deep resinous warmth beneath the smoky chypre. There is definitely copal and it gives me the feeling of the scent of pinon incense or palo santo with a rounded warm base. I bought a sampler of all 12 of the parfums botanique and loved so many of them, but I kept returning to this one in particular - I just received a 10ml vial as a holiday gift and find it even more thrilling on that application. Would recommend for those who are fans of amber, resins, chypres, and incense scents. LVNEA is a beautiful indie perfumer, totally recommend to the scent curious.

Next best thing to walking in the woods

This scent is my absolute favorite. I'm a bit obsessed with this perfume company, there's something so intoxicating and addicting about the perfumes. This one in particular I hope never is discontinued. It has a lovely woodsy/forest/mossy scent and an underlying sweet warmth, and by sweet I don't mean overpowering at all. I wear it when I want to feel cozy. I sometimes layer it with another favorite, Ghost Pine, and they compliment each other so nicely on my skin. Love!