• CLARY SAGE | Pure Essential Oil

CLARY SAGE | Pure Essential Oil

Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) is a short perennial herb native to the northern Mediterranean, along with some areas in North Africa and Central Asia. It has large, hairy leaves with small flowers that range from bluish-purple to gentle pink to vibrant magenta. The name comes from the Latin word claris for 'clear.'

The oil distilled from the leaves and flowers of the plant is a thin, clear, yellowish liquid with a mild earthy, fruity and floral aroma that is also slightly nutty and herbaceous.

It has a lengthy history as a medicinal herb, and is traditionally used to treat hormonal imbalance and menstrual pain. In aromatherapy, it is used to soothe digestive discomfort, headaches, sore throats, and muscle aches and pains, and uplift mood.

It blends well with bergamot, cedarwood, chamomile, geranium, jasmine, lavender, neroli, orange, rosewood, sandalwood and ylang ylang.

Type: herbaceous
Note: middle to top
Characteristics: earthy, fruity, floral, nutty

Presented in a 5ml or 15ml black glass bottle with euro dropper. 

*This is an essential oil and is not meant to be ingested or taken internally. Essential oils should be diluted before being applied to the skin. 

Pure plant extract | 100% authentic botanical essences

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