• Forbidden Harvest Elixir | BLUEBERRYJAMS
  • Forbidden Harvest Elixir | BLUEBERRYJAMS

Forbidden Harvest Elixir | BLUEBERRYJAMS


Ingredients: brandy, crabapple, cinnamon, cardamom, blackberry, bee pollen, elderberry, hawthorn berry, white pine, rosehips, rosemary & wildflower honey

Blended for: to live deliciously, heart healing, diving into the sensual, venturing to new spaces, daring for abundance and harvesting succulence

How to use: For culinary delights, add to hot cacao, desserts, teas, etc.
For ritual use 1/2tsp to 1 tsp at at time or 1/2 a dropper to a full dropper.
For energetic use, consume in small regular doses, a drop added daily to water, juice, tea.

Blend can also help with grief, trauma healing, and as immune support.

60 ml

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