• 2oz clear glass bottle of Rowan & Sage's "Fresh Lavender" hydrosol. The label on the bottle is a light lavender purple colour.

Fresh Lavender Hydrosol | ROWAN + SAGE

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Lavender hydrosol is a potent ally for those who are caught up in obsessive thinking, as if they can't put it down for fear of what might happen should they slow down. As an herb of Mercury, lavender helps to calm an overstimulated nervous system while sharpening focus and easing burn out. Engage with lavender to find your center and gain perspective so that you can move forward through times of stress with clarity.

You may see a few beads of essential oil floating on top of this hydrosol – that’s totally normal! This distillation produced a ton of essential oil, making it difficult for us to separate every last drop. Shake your hydrosol well before use to more evenly disperse the essential oil before spraying.

  • Balancing toner for all skin types

  • Supports the regeneration of damaged or fragile skin

  • Supports restful sleep, improves mood, and calms the mind

    Ingredients: Combo hydro-steam distilled hydrosol of Organic Lavender (Lavandula x intermedia).

    Suggested Use: Spray on your person as a light perfume, in your space to cleanse the air, as the liquid component of a clay face mask, in the bath, during ritual, for aromatherapy purposes, and so much more. Patch test before use & store in the refrigerator to preserve longevity.

    2oz glass bottle with mister top