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A variety of hand-bound, wild-crafted herbal bundles made from common plant allies. These herbs are not endangered, and are excellent alternatives to white sage.

Each bundle varies in size, and are between 4" & 6" long. 

California Mugwort |
Traditionally used as a sleeping aid, this herb is said to promote sacred dreams and visions and to promote deep sleep and introspection. Also known as black sage, it can provide protection and ward off malevolent forces.

Juniper | A potent, resinous aromatic, Juniper is typically used to ward off negative influences, bad spirits, and illness.

Lemon Eucalyptus | Harvested in Australia, this common herb produces a strong lemon-like scent when crushed or burned, reminiscent of summertime. It can uplift the mood and is an excellent bug deterent when used outdoors.  A favourite here in the shop!

Piñon Pine | Another potent and resinous aromatic, Piñon Pine has been used to clear the mind, balance the energies within, and promote relaxation. Its odour is rich and balsamic, and the spirit of this tree is said to help with difficult transitions and shedding out-dated expectations and restrictions upheld by guilt and shame. 

Rosemary | Rosemary is said to harness powerful solar energies which can help to dispell the negative energy of one's detractors. Throughout history, it has been used to ward off curses, to sharpen the mind and increase retention of knowledge and memories, to keep sickness at bay, and to promote fertility. It has a strong, familiar herbal scent. 

Wild Lavender | Lavender is reknown for its soothing properties and scent. It can be a powerful aid against anxiety, stress, and insomnia, and can provide relief in times of emotional distress.