• HYDROSOL | Herbal & Floral Waters

HYDROSOL | Herbal & Floral Waters

Floral waters—also known as hydrosols or hydrolats—are versatile aromatic waters produced during the essential oil-making process: steam is used to draw out oils from aromatic herbs and flowers, and the resulting liquid is naturally infused with beneficial water and oil-based plant compounds.
Ways to incorporate our Hydrosols into routines and rituals include:

Cosmetic: as a facial cleanser, facial toner, or make-up setting spray. Can also be added to clay-based face masks, used to hydrate make-up sponges, or even added to bathwater - the possibilities are endless!
Facial Spray: for a hydrating pick-me-up, spray liberally over the face and body. In the warmer months, store hydrosols in the refrigerator for cooling skin relief.
Emotional Support: mist your face, body, or space using our hydrosols, that are reported to lift moods and help reduce stress and anxiety.

Choose between:

DAMASK ROSE (Rosa Damascena)
Well-known for its skincare benefits, Rose hydrosol is also said to help support and heal the heart in times of grief and heartache. Its scent is fresh, floral, and is as invigorating as it is soothing. This hydrosol can be used topically as a natural toner thanks to its astringent properties, or to refresh the face and body by providing moisture.
Ingredient: 100% Damask Rose floral water.

JASMINE (Jasmine Grandiflorum)
Rich in antioxidants, Jasmine is alleged to help even the skin tone, treat and hydrate dry skin, and can help protect from environmental stressors as well as impart the skin with a youthful glow. Jasmine's rich, floral scent can help lift the spirits and leave the wearer feeling pampered and cared for.
Ingredient: 100% organic Egyptian Jasmine Grandiflorum floral water.

LEMON BALM (Melissa Officinalis)
Energetically, Lemon Balm is known to soothe the nerves and calm the mind and body during times of distress. It is fresh, herbaceous, and slightly lemony in scent, and topical application can aid in treating irritated or problem-prone skin thanks to its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. 
Ingredient: 100% Lemon Balm floral water.

(Achillea Milleflorum

Yarrow hydrosol can be used directly on the skin and is said to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.  It is an exceptional helper for problem-prone skin and is also traditionally used to help stop bleeding, cleanse wounds, and soothe dry, itchy, irritated, or burned skin. Energetically, Yarrow Hydrosol is calming, restorative, and can help promote sleep and relaxation. 
Ingredient: 100% Yarrow floral water.

Presented in a 100ml black amethyst glass bottle with atomizer. 

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