• "Jasmine Sambac in Perfumery" book on black background. The cover is light mint green and reads "JASMINE" in bold white letters

Jasmine Sambac in Perfumery (English) | NEZ ÉDITIONS

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Nez Éditions has teamed up with Laboratoire Monique Rémy (LMR), the gold standard in natural ingredients for the perfume industry, to present The Naturals Notebook.

Fruity, green, with hints of orange blossom and cut grass, jasmine sambac leaves a truly unique fragrance in its wake. In India, it is woven into garlands, used as offerings to the gods and decorates women’s hair. In Europe, it has recently become a regularly featured ingredient in the formulas of leading perfumes.

Explore every facet of this sacred flower, from botany, history, art, anthropology, agriculture and chemistry, to the perfumers who use it and the perfumes they create.

*Please note that this book is English language.