SELKIE Limited-Return Eau de Parfum | wet fur, sea brine, roasted seashells

Built around in-house artisanal tinctures of seaweed and leathery onycha, this limited return Eau de Parfum was first released in Summer 2022 as a part of our 'Solace of the Sea' seasonal box. Selkie encapsulates marine life and begins with a powerful animalic opening note akin to the scents of castoreum and sea brine, wreathed in boughs of coastal cypress and ocean pine. As it settles, the brine begins to dry and leaves behind a salty cast on the skin — just as it would after a day of longing by the sea. Then, imagine being draped in a warm, still wet, sun-and-sea-dew-mottled pelt. It is musky and animal, but buttery-soft and enveloping, like a second skin.

Tales of therianthropic sea-dwellers have been tattled across shores for millennia - but not all merfolk are dressed in fins and scales. With their buttery flesh and buoyant silver fur, the selkie folk (“seal people”) are said to reveal their human form when their pelts are shed. A staple in northern Scottish folklore, these creatures are often subjected to either human deceit (hide a selkie’s fur from them and they will become captive) or mortal loneliness (the wives of absent seafarers might shed tears into the sea to summon a selkie lover) — but they will always long to return to the sea to which their hearts belong.

Selkie Eau de Parfum is an ode to longing. It alchemizes the deep-rooted and instinctual desire for the lapping waves and expansive embrace of the sea into a fragrant veil. Offering a discreet sillage and a tenacious hold, this isn’t your average fragrance; it is wild and full of yearning, a complex expression of solitude and contemplation.

Featured Notes: sea brine · sun-kissed wet fur · blubber · seashells · kelp · crisp ocean pine

Aspects: marine opening · animalic · salty · musky · buttery · warm

Ingredients: Alcohol (Ethanol, Pure), Natural Fragrance/Parfum* (Essential Oils, Absolutes, CO2s, Natural Isolates, and Plant Extracts)
*This scent contains artisanal HYRACEUM  and ONYCHA extracts

15ml presented in a black glass bottle with spray top.