• Selection of 11 assorted perfumery cards which feature vintage botanical illustrations and gold leaf text. The cards are scattered across a piece of black linen with fresh roses.

THE CABINET OF SCENTS | Complete Set of Perfumery Cards

  • $30.00

The complete set of perfumery cards from the Cabinet of Scents project in 2019-2021, where LVNEA perfumer April Lea chose a monthly perfumery ingredient to research and showcase. 

Front side has an antique illustration of the featured plant ingredient. Back side contains information on the location, history, scent characteristics, use in perfumery, traditional medicinal uses, and/or magical properties of the plant. 

Materials featured: black pepper essential oil · black tea absolute · carnation absolute · cepes absolute · cypress essential oil · galbanum essential oil · jasmine absolute · juniper berry essential oil · myrrh essential oil · oakmoss absolute · oakwood absolute · orris (iris) essential oil · patchouli absolute · pine absolute · rose absolute · spikenard essential oil · tobacco absolute · tonka bean absolute · violet leaf absolute. 

Each card is 4 x 6 on thick card stock with gold foil. 
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