• Box containing Broccoli's "The Mushroom Oracle" deck of oracle cards. There is a collage of amanita muscaria mushrooms surrounding a nude body on the cover.
  • An assortment of cards from the Mushroom Oracle Deck scattered across a black background

The Mushroom Oracle Deck | BROCCOLI

  • $60.00

Walk deep into the forest. Pick up a mushroom and peer under its cap. What will you find? 

The Mushroom Oracle Deck guides mycelial thinking about the past, present, and future through 44 cards and an accompanying booklet representing mushrooms, the forest, mushroom people, and fungal structures—and the multitudes, layers, and connections each contains. Consult the Mushroom Oracle by pulling a card at new beginnings, forks in the path, closings, and seasonal transitions. The reader is encouraged to consider their connections to others, their environment, and themselves.

With original collages made from vintage botanical illustrations by artist Bethany van Rijswijk. Packaged in a beautiful box, with booklet and cards nested inside. Box measures 5.3″ x 3.8″ x 1.3″.